Spring and Eye Health

Spring is a season that we all look forward to, especially this year with the worst of the COVID pandemic behind us. Your eyes are susceptible to a number of environmental allergens with this change of season.
Allergic eye disease can be quite uncomfortable, and the red eyes quite unappealing! Most patients will, in the first instance, go to their local pharmacy to obtain some therapy that will relieve symptoms. It’s important to understand that some over the counter (OTC) products can actually be the wrong first line treatment. I have consulted a number of patients who have used these OTC products without resolution of symptoms. For contact lens wearers, these OTC products can make symptoms worse. An eye exam will allow you to understand the causes of allergic eye disease and put a plan in place to address the symptoms without delay.
Spring also exposes our eyes to the elements, wind, dust, and sun. Good eye protection, including prescription eyewear that is customised to your unique requirements and needs, will help achieve optimal eye health. It is best to arrange an appointment with us so that we can help guide you to selecting the latest frame and lens technologies for your needs.
Enjoy the warmer weather, go for that daily walk or run, and keep smiling!
I look forward to assisting you in the Enmore practice soon.



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