Myopia and its management

Myopia or short sightedness not only affects your vision, but also increases your risk of eye disease later in life.

Most patients will notice their distance vision worsening and come in for an updated prescription for glasses and contact lenses. But there is more to do than a simple update in prescription! There are a number of research findings that show in patients who experience myopia progression, we have an ability to reduce the rate of change in myopia. In some patients, we can halt progression so that your eyes remain at their current level of myopia.

These interventions include recommending more outdoor time, regular breaks from digital screens, orthokeratology, eye drops, and specialised optical lenses.

The effectiveness of these interventions depends on a range of factors and is best discussed once we understand the health of your eyes including lifestyle and vision demands.

So myopia management is more than just having new glasses every year, it is an active management plan that can help reduce your rate of change and risk of eye disease later in life.

Book a consultation with us today so we may discuss the options most suited to you and your lifestyle and vision needs.



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