February 2024 With summer in full swing

With summer in full swing, our message this season is eye protection. Did you know that cataract is caused by excessive UV light exposure? The “slip, slop, slap, & wrap” (a sunglass) message really does apply with the amount of UV light during the warmer months much higher than in winter.

Do you have a quality sunglass? What eye protection does your sunglass currently have? Is it polarised? What is the tint density? These questions allow us to provide some guidance to tailor a lens solution specific to your needs. If you have an occupation that is mainly outdoors, it is important to protect your skin and eyes from harmful UV light.

Interestingly, for children’s eyes, the amount of outdoor time has been linked to the onset and progression of myopia.1 Children who spend less time outdoors are more likely to develop myopia and the rate of eye elongation is greater than those who spend a minimum of 40 minutes per day playing outdoors.2 You can learn more about the interventions available to limit the onset of myopia by booking an eye exam and discussing what changes need to be made to your child’s activities.

So while you are enjoying your time with friends and family during summer, let’s keep in mind that the sun has both positive and negative impacts on your eyes depending on your stage of life. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!


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