Hot Weather and Your Eyes

With the change in weather conditions becoming more frequent, our eyes are increasingly exposed
to these environmental challenges.

The cycle of hot dry weather, followed by the southerly-buster wind and storms, can increase the
number and density of airborne pollens and grasses. These so-called antigens are the primary cause
of red, itchy, and watery eyes.
Prevention of antigen exposure can assist in reducing the severity and frequency of symptoms from

these triggers. Optical or sunglass eyewear can help protect the eye by providing a physical barrier
to these antigens.

Once exposed, it is important to begin treatment as early as possible. There are a range of
treatments for this condition and each has its advantages and potential risks.
Simple actions like avoiding rubbing your eyes can help reduce the degranulation of mast cells. Mast
cells release chemical mediators into your tear film and conjunctiva. These mediators are the
primary causes of inflammation. The result is the red, watery, and itchy eyes that we experience
during these episodes.

So the message is prevention and early treatment. I would encourage you to manage your
environmental exposure and have your eyes examined as soon as symptoms begin.
Given the chronic nature of these allergies, keep these recommendations top of mind, especially
during the seasonal weather changes.

I look forward to discussing any queries you have on this and other any aspect of eyecare that you
are interested in.



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